In Character Videos

Several of our funding winners have agreed to pair up and describe their research in very accessible language. We hope that these videos are helpful in introducing the new discoveries by these researchers. Please share these videos, and comments are strongly encouraged!

Dr. Erik Helzer and Dr. Sara Konrath on the relationship between character, work, and prosocial behavior

Dr. Charles Starkey and Dr. Daniel McKaughan on emotion, neuroscience, and character

Dr. Jessica Sommerville and Dr. Elizabeth Boerger on the psychological development of character in infants and children

Dr. Bradford Cokelet and Dr. Ray Yeo on the philosophy and theology of the nature of virtue and how it might be cultivated

Dr. Jessica Wolfendale and Dr. Matthew Talbert on Situationism, Moral Responsibility, and War Crimes

Dr. Elizabeth Agnew Cochran and Dr. Terence Cuneo on Moral Agency, Liturgy, and Character

Dr. Taya Cohen and Dr. Geoff Goodwin on the Psychology of Person-Perception and Character in the Workplace

Dr. Taya Cohen and Dr.

Dr. Michael Austin and Dr. Cristian Mihut on the Theology of Humility and Forgiveness

Dr. Michael Austin (Eastern Kentucky University) and Dr.

Dr. King and Dr. Ahlstrom-Vij on Intellectual Character

Dr. Nathan King (Whitworth University) and Dr.